Our homepage is designed to offer you an interesting and very promising possibility to find your desired horse. We gladly offer our help and assistance in this matter.

All our horses are sold with a current veterinary certificate.
Competent, individual and above all fair consultation marks our interest as well as a permanently changing offer of horses and ponies. The horses are suitable for leisure time and sporting. Our stock offers permanently changing breeds of horses.
As from1997 we have predominantly imported horses from Ireland. Because of this direct import, we are able to offer you reasonable retail prices.

You are gladly welcome to come and visit us to see for yourself. Obviously, we would like to give you our full attention and therefore ask for you to contact us by phone beforehand, to make an appointment
Should it be necessary, we naturally offer transport to your hometown stable. Economical transport is a natural part of our service.

If you are a horse owner, we can offer the possibility for you to buy and sell in part exchange. If – against all expectations- you should not be satisfied with your purchase, you have the opportunity of exchange.
You also have the opportunity to leave the sale of your horses in our experienced hands. We also sell your horses on a commission base.

Our offer can be extended to the training of your horse. Corrections can be performed, too.
No matter which way you choose of contacting us, we are happy to offer you individual advice and our information is totally non – committal. All your questions are welcome!

We hope you find your visit to our homepage interesting and informative.

………and thank you for dropping in

Your Füssinger Horses team

Should you want to sell a horse or second-hand accessories like saddles, horse trailers, coaches, etc., we purchase in cash.
Part exchange of all the accessories is always a possibility.
We have made it our task to offer you a more favourable alternative of purchasing all the accessories in relation to expensive new acquisition.